We blend organic botanicals, finest natural clays and precious gemstones to beautiful and effective beauty products. We seek out the best, special, most effective and natural ingredients across the globe. 

Our skincare is freshly manufactured and handcrafted in small batches in-house in Zurich; we do own all steps of our products as research, development and production process from start to finish, which ensures high quality on every step. Since the beginning in 2011, we place high value on natural and only plant based ingredients. During the production process we use only natural and vegan raw materials - pure vegetable oils, butters, extracts, and active ingredients in organic quality, thus arises a pure and natural skincare. No fillers, no preservatives can be found in our products. All our products can be used safely, and without a bad conscience. Our brand is PETA verified cruelty free & vegan. 


Born and grew up in Switzerland, I wowed me always for the creation of beautiful and useful things. The reason when I did start with simple but effective beauty treatments for myself as skincare in my youth as teenager was, that all skincare products had so many synthetic and chemical ingredients, and I did not like the feel that they left on behind. Due to there was nothing on the market as a natural skincare for her requirements like the scent or effect, I just started to do it for myself. Through my Turkish roots and being a member of an organic farmers’ family, Rose Otto Flower Water was my precious toner.

Furthermore my parents’ home town in southern part of Marmara Sea is mostly known for its therapeutic hot springs since Ancient Greece - Artemea back then, a derivation of the Greek goddess Artemis, where we visited our family every year to spend our holidays and I spent four years of my childhood - I was always surrounded by healthy and natural lifestyle.

As I opened my concept store in 2011, I wanted to share my own beauty regimens in a natural skincare line which should be available also for my customers, this was the reason why I did start with producing small batch skincare and beauty treatment products, like tinted lip balms, face balms, floral toners, face oils, soaps and moisturizing serums. The concept store no longer exists, this was superseded by the great interest in our skin care line, and therefore it grows more and more since 2011.

I seek to blend beautiful skincare products from special, most effective, finest and natural ingredients across the globe, which our earth gives us. 

I hope my soothing products can put a smile on every face.

Nazan Schnapp