The Full List of our Product Ingredients are available on every NAZAN SCHNAPP product on the labelling and packaging - also please, check out our ingredients list online.

All our skincare and cosmetic products are delivered fresh from our manufactory and should be stored in a cool, dark place, to be able to stay fresher longer.
You  can find at the bottom of each product/packaging „best before date“ and batch information directly printed at the bottom of our bottles and boxes. Our products have been tested for a shelf life of 1 year unopened and 6 months opened for oils, toners, serums, balms and masks. We recommend to using our products within 6 months. Beyond 6 months, the products will not necessarily go bad, however, the potency will not be as effective. Please be aware scent and color may vary due to natural ingredients, that does not make the product less effective or less pure, it is simply a result of the natural look of the product ingredients. If you find that your product has an unusual smell or if you see a completely discoloration, do not be alarmed; our natural formulas are delicate and can be affected by exposure to air and other contaminants. These instances are rare and we will be happy to replace your product.

Every step from formulating to testing, package designing and packing/shipping our products is made in-house at NAZAN SCHNAPP.