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    The Luminous Youth Diamond Night Serum is a light, potent, ultrahydrating, delicate and luxurious fluid serum formula which combats the most common signs of aging, lifts, plumps, protects the skin from dehydration, softens and reduces wrinkles works during the night when the skin goes into the renewing mode, regenerating new skin cells during the night.

    This luxurious, comprehensive serum formulated with low and high molecular size of Hyaluronic Acids providing intense hydration of all skin layers. triple action skin firming and lifting active Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, and the anti-aging active Glycogen and Gardenia Stem Cells, clinically proven and visibly revitalize, brighten, lift, and firm the look while hydrating and increasing elasticity of the skin.
    The Luminous Youth Diamond Night Serum is for the nightly treatment to prevent and to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    DIPALMITOYL HYDROXYPROLINE reduces signs of aging through multiple mechanisms. It consists of two palmitic acids attached to hydroxyproline, an amino acid. Hydroxyproline is a major component of the protein collagen and plays a key role in collagen stability.

    LOW AND HIGH MOLECULAR SIZE OF HYALURONIC ACIDS provide intense hydration of all skin layers.

    GLYCOGEN an anti-aging active, its wrinkle reducing effect on the skin is clinically proven. Glycogen penetrates even the very small pores, on the order of the inter-cellular spaces in human skin, to reach the live cells in the epidermis and dermis. In vitro testing of dermal cells show that Glycogen increases cell growth as well as endogenous collagen and HA production - both essential polysaccharides for healthy skin, and whose production declines with age. Glycogen visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    GARDENIA STEM CELLS collagen restructuring anti-aging actives - provide triple targeted protection of collagen systems. Multi-level protection of the collagen network. Prevents collagen loss. Restores the balance of collagen turnover.

    BETAINE provides anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, smoothing, repairing, protective skills to the skin.

    26 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE EXTRACTS of various plants; Lotus, Peach, Apple, White Lily, Gardenia, Tahitian Gardenia – Tiaré, 2 different sort of Jasmines, Magnolia, White Mullberry, Wild Orchid, Willow and Aspen Barks, Gotu Kola and Calendula

      Dermatologically tested under the control of a dermatologist.

      Smell: luscious, flowery, floral, sweet, feminin, balmy, warm with a hint of honey

      20 ml | 0.67 fl oz

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