NAZAN SCHNAPP™ is a pioneering and ground-breaking Swiss skincare and beauty brand founded by Nazan Schnapp. The scientifically perfect yet complex and uncompromisingly luxurious formulations are made from scratch using potent, bioactive and pioneering ingredients that deliver exceptional results and efficacy.

Nazan Schnapp is one of the few founders in the history of skin and beauty care who can use not only her own mind but also her hands to create. She brings to life highly complex scientific formulas with unique quality and design, made visible through exquisite packagings that symbolize the pinnacle of her art.

The values as well as the high standards of the brand correspond to those of its founder, Nazan Schnapp. Born and raised in Switzerland, descending from an unconventional Turkish family with a cross generational passion for farming and self-sufficiency, from which emerges Nazan Schnapp's own irrepressible passion for high performance, plant-based beauty products. Nazan had the precious opportunity to spend four years of her primary school in her parents' hometown on the southern part of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey. Best known for its therapeutic hot springs which date back to ancient Greece, the city once called Artemea - a derivation of the Greek goddess Artemis - still plays a major role in Nazan’s life and has prepared her to create wonderful and highly effective products and the NAZAN SCHNAPP™ brand of the same name.

Even after her four years of childhood, she continued to visit her family every year to spend her school vacations amidst a very natural and healthy lifestyle. Nazan started experimenting with cosmetic and galenic formulations at the tender age of 12, influenced and inspired by her family and the fresh beauty routines of her mother and grandmother. Through her own self-care needs and desires, and her love of all things luxury, Nazan quickly learned to work in self-study and without outside help at a very high and complex level with various partly biological and probiotic technologies and ingredients, obtained in high concentrations and only with natural preservation, which by all means adds a layer of intricacy to her craft. 

The NAZAN SCHNAPP™ line is well known for its distinguishing feature of subtle floral scents as well as colourful formulas which are all proudly researched and developed by Nazan Schnapp herself. Engineered and manufactured at its in-house production facility and laboratory in Switzerland.

NAZAN SCHNAPP™ invites you to indulge and enjoy this luxury skincare in good conscience.