This collection has been imagined, designed and crafted with maximum potency in mind. Our global anti ageing line catered to women and men who are seeking visible lifting, firming and illuminating benefits, and are increasingly concerned with wrinkle rejuvenation and the mitigation of dark circles.

After over five years in the making, the collection’s maximum concentration of actives which will see you looking and feeling younger. 

The exclusive combination of rare and precious extracts such as PRICKLY PEAR LEAF CELLS and DRAGON BLOOD OIL, mixed with AZELAIC ACID – an anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation active – as well as PHYTOSTEROLS which help the skin to restructure itself from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface.

“I have designed the SJR LINE first and foremost for myself. It certainly has the deep science to trigger the self-healing of your skin, on top of which we have added the energetic benefits of the ruby stone, known as a self-confidence booster”, Nazan Schnapp, our Founder and CEO.

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