NAZAN SCHNAPP™ is an eponymous line of its founder Nazan Schnapp – the luxury skincare and beauty brand with the perfect blend of luxurious, clean, feminine, lush, chic aesthetics and pure, potent, bioactive and pioneering ingredients that deliver. Our one and the only researcher and formulator of each our high-performing, maximalist and in-house made products and formulas from the scratch is Nazan herself, as well the one and only designer of our FSC and Cradle-to-Cradle certified packaging. NAZAN SCHNAPP™ is not only an eponymous line since 2011, it’s way more than this.

Nazan Schnapp, born and raised in Switzerland and hailing from a long line of Turkish organic farmers with an irrepressible passion for 100% natural ingredients, created this high performance, ethically sustainable, natural skincare and beauty line of 100% natural and plant-based beauty products.

For over 20 years, Nazan has made it her personal duty and responsibility to seek out and use, personally and professionally, only the highest quality and best performing ingredients sourced from around the globe. Each luxurious and colorful Nazan Schnapp product, made from precious gemstone minerals and subtle floral scents from pioneering and only plant-based ingredients, is proudly researched and developed only by Nazan Schnapp herself. Engineered and manufactured by hand, in small batches, at family owned in-house facility and laboratory in Zürich, Switzerland.

Every batch is made under the strict control and guidance of Nazan Schnapp personally in the family-owned production facility in Zürich. This PETA verified cruelty-free and vegan as well as Leaping Bunny approved brand, invites you to indulge and enjoy their luxury natural skincare in good conscience.