Everyone who met me knows the big thing that describes me are my big black sunglasses, inside and outside at any time of the season. So no wonder, that if you meet me during my holidays I am wearing my sunglasses in the pool or sea too. But you have to take care of your sunglasses to be able use them very very long years - as timeless, classic pieces never get "old" - I have still a few since over 20 years in perfect condition althought I wear them so often. Which is another way to be more sustainable. Also a secondhand piece with good condition would do it if you don't any yet, especially the glass must be for healthy reasons in a perfect condition, so no scratches. A black swim suit is a must piece in every wardrobe, like a white shirt and blouse. So too, timeless and eyecatching jewellery.
Color: sparkles, turquoise & black
Wardrobe: black swim suit and big bling
Accessories: big black sunglasses
Location: Greek Islands - Santorini and Mykonos
Madness: brand logos
{Image credit: Harper's Bazaar UK, Elle Romania, Chanel, Tory Burch, and unknown.}

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