As the summer winds down and our hours spent outdoors, in the sunshine and in the pool taper off, it's time to soothe and revitalize our skin. Resuscitating dull and parched skin always starts from within which is why I formulated White Magnolia Face Oil to penetrate deep into the skin to restore moisture, strengthen collagen & elastin and form a barrier to protect against free-radicals and photo-aging.

It's the perfect fix for stressed, thirsty and exhausted post-summer skin. My favorite way to use White Magnolia Face Oil is during my PM routine - gently massaging it into my skin for five to ten minutes right before my head hits the pillow. For more tips and ideas on how to use this beautiful face oil, follow us on Instagram: @nazanschnappskincare

Happy pampering!


Nazan Schnapp


This light, yet rich, restoring and smoothing serum and moisturizer-in-one hydrates and revitalizes skin. Vitamin C-rich and antioxidant-rich organic Rose Hip, Evening Primrose and Sea Buckthorn fruit oils together with Coenzyme Q10 and organic Pomegranate Seed Extract eradicate skin dryness, provide protection against free-radicals and all signs of pre-mature aging while promoting the production of collagen and elastin resulting in beautiful, hydrated, smooth and renewed skin.

Originating in high altitudes of the Himalayas, sea buckthorn has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese remedies and is a beloved ingredient at Nazan Schnapp. 

It contains all four Omega Fatty Acids and is the only plant source that contains Omega 7.

The 190 nutrients in sea buckthorn work to reduce inflammation, protect again skin damage and promote skin elasticity. 

It contains 12 TIMES MORE VITAMIN C than an Orange making it a superingredient for boosting collagen and revealing firmer, brighter and more supple skin. 

Sea Buckthorn is an active ingredient in: WHITE MAGNOLIA FACE OIL


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