A Flower for the Soul

This beautiful white flower is called “Gardenia” and has a very long history in medicinal and symbolic use. The gardenia has its origin in the Asian region, more accurately, mostly in China and Japan. It symbolizes wonderful things, such as clarity, purity, hope, trust and love. Therefore, the Gardenia is often used in wedding bouquets or as a gift for a person very dear to you. Due to the Gardenia’s wonderful jasmine-like smell, it is often used in aromatherapy. Its scent is proven to dissolve fear, promote sleep and have a strong calming effect. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is even used to treat anxiety or depression.

Gardenia Extract for your Skin

However, not only the smell of the beautiful Gardenia is beneficial. The extract of this exotic flower is very useful for skin treatments too. Nazan uses the fruit extract of the Gardenia Jasminoides as a valuable ingredient in numerous products. The extract, which is obtained from the fruit of the Gardenia Jasminoides, is rich in antioxidants and doubles the production of collagen, which increases the elasticity of the skin. It is good against inflamed skin and reduces wrinkles, plus it brings the products the aromatherapeutic scent, making them an irreplaceable indulgence for your skin and senses. 

Down to Single Cells

As the Gardenia has such great effects on the skin, Nazan went a step further in its use. Apart from the fruit extracts she also uses real stem cells from the Gardenia in the Luminous Youth Diamond Day Serum and the Luminous Youth Diamond Night Serum. The stem cells of the Gardenia stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, balances and protects your skin from collagen loss. Thee stem cells of the Gardenia are obtained from parts of the plants where it is constantly reproducing its cells. Mostly, from the tip of its roots or the flower bud.

The Gardenia perfectly represents our philosophy: NAZAN SCHNAPP™ concentrates all of nature’s beauty in the carefully formulated products. It is an exploration of only the best and most wholesome parts of nature, from whole gemstones to single flower cells. It is newest technology and nature in perfect symbiosis, clean and vegan.

The Gardenia is used in the following products:

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